Nick+Nora's Tiny House

This blog is about our progress, successes and struggles during our Tiny House build. I want to write about what the experience has really been like, what a Tiny House is, and why we chose to do it.

Tiny Inconveniences

The last few months have been very cold on Bainbridge. When the temperature drops below freezing, our fresh water hose freezes as well as the spigot. I’m curious if other tiny houser’s have this issue in cold weather and how they avoid it? Without access to fresh water we can’t do dishes, use sinks or shower. I’ve started wrapping the spigot with a towel and am going to get foam to wrap the hose with.

We’ve also had issues with propane, the smell is strong and there is a leak somewhere between the tanks and our indoor connections. Now the tanks are empty because of the leak and we won’t have hot water for a while.. This safety issue forces us to go outside and turn the propane tanks completely off or on when we need to use it, this issue needs to be fixed by taking apart the kitchen countertops and accessing the leak/leaks.

Between the inconveniences like this and the daily maintenance of the house, it can become a frustration. Though the house is having some functionality issues, we are so appreciative of our home and are still so glad to have a space to call our own. We sometimes find ourselves yearning for a full sized refrigerator, a couch for two, and more conventional loft access. I need to remind myself that this was a DIY undertaking and sometimes things don’t go as planned under any DIY circumstance.  Sometimes it takes trial and error to spark creativity and is a suggestion of what to do differently.

2017 UPDATE:

Propane leaks have been fixed! We took apart the kitchen and tested all of the pipes with soapy water. We also ordered a heated hose online. The weather has warmed up since ordering it and we haven’t needed to use it. I will definitely want to have it available next winter!



One comment on “Tiny Inconveniences

  1. Nita
    January 11, 2017

    Hi Nora,
    Just a couple of thoughts…you may indeed have a leak, but did you know that as the tank gets close to empty, it will typically start to vent & smell? It’s sort of a way to let you know it’s getting low & time for a fill up. So it may not be empty because it’s leaking…it may be leaking because it’s empty. Brush soapy water around the connections and look for bubbles.



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