Nick+Nora's Tiny House

This blog is about our progress, successes and struggles during our Tiny House build. I want to write about what the experience has really been like, what a Tiny House is, and why we chose to do it.

Irresistible Artworks

I just came across this artwork, not only does Rebecca Green have an artistic style that I love but she also did this whole tiny house series as a commission for Dee Williams. I LOVE these, they are so original and lovable!! Just thought I would do a quick blog post about these, check out the link.

tumblr_n4srmuwmFF1rjgdu6o2_500 q4s7yi921pyj



One comment on “Irresistible Artworks

  1. Lisa Tasdemir
    October 5, 2015

    LOVE your blog Nora! You are so talented really enjoy your posts don’t stop keep the faith believing for great property to come your way and you both to be very happy ! thanks for sharing your details help a lot to explain the heart and value of the tiny house desire I am curious about it myself, your photos are beautiful! and the artwork that you use and introduce is so fun as well!


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