Nick+Nora's Tiny House

This blog is about our progress, successes and struggles during our Tiny House build. I want to write about what the experience has really been like, what a Tiny House is, and why we chose to do it.

Exploring Origination

It seems that in almost every era there has been at least a minuscule development of homes on wheels. The furthest back I’ve seen, is this first photo from the twenties. Now that it is 2014, we tend to forget all those ingenious and inventive people who have thought of this or done this when, things were more than likely much more difficult. No such thing as easy breezy Home Depot back then, and the automobile wasn’t as advanced. It would be so incredibly interesting to have met some of the people who were doing this and hear all about how amazing their lives were, and how much of the world they got to explore.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.27.23 PM










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