Nick+Nora's Tiny House

This blog is about our progress, successes and struggles during our Tiny House build. I want to write about what the experience has really been like, what a Tiny House is, and why we chose to do it.


Sometimes it seems like it’s been ages since we’ve made much progress, when in reality it’s usually been a week. I have to remind myself too look at how far we’ve come, and I remember that we still are advancing, steadily. Time is a tough thing to get right and manage in the best way possible. I have recently started a job at a Boutique and Nick has been working for a long time, first at Home Depot and now at a Versatile Machining company. Nick is also going to school until December and we have been shooting for that to be our finish goal month. With our schedules not so coordinated it can be difficult to make free time with each other, time with our friends, and time to get the house worked on. Nick only has weekends completely free and we try our best to take at least Sunday to get work done on the tiny. Time is a common concern regarding tiny houses, people say “I don’t have the spare time to build one” or “I won’t have enough time to myself” but what most of those people aren’t saying is “I would have more time for community, family and staying debt free”  and  “I would have more time to travel” or “I would be more motivated to spend time outside, instead of all the time it takes to maintain a larger home.”

We started the Tiny House process in May 2014 and it’s now October.  If your not an expert on tiny houses or a carpenter than

patience is a highly valued inner strength.

Today was a fulfilling Sunday. We finally have finished the siding on the left wall and the front has been done for a while now. We sealed it as well as we could but since it was a chilly and rainy day, we put a tarp on to protect the un-waterproofed cedar siding.  We are halfway done with the exterior!


Finished siding!

Almost there!

Progression Comparison

Progression Comparison


Thanks Pinterest, and Van Gogh


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